Top 6 UNCOMMITED Prospect SEC Recruiting Battles

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As always there are intense recruiting battles in the SEC heading into the stretch run.  Teams are making their final sales pitch to prospects committed to other schools to try to flip them in their direction and there are also some of the Nation's best HS football players who are still uncommitted.  Who are the top uncommitted prospects left on the SEC team board?

#1 – Martez Ivey – OT – 6'6 270 – Florida Gators v. Auburn Tigers

The best offensive tackle in the Nation according to the recruiting rankings is being highly recruited by both the Gators and the Tigers heading into the stretch run.  Florida has long been the favorite to land Ivey but Auburn is making a push.  It is clear that Coach McElwain at Florida has made Ivey a huge priority contacting him immediately after being hired to the Gators.  Florida will be tough to beat but Auburn is not going to back down.

#2 – Byron Cowart – DE – 6'4 250 – Florida Gators v. Auburn Tigers v. Florida State

Cowart is another prospect long thought to be a lock to the Gators but with the firing of Will Muschamp and D.J. Durkin likely headed to Michigan, Cowart is stepping back and taking a look at a few other programs.  Muschamp is trying to get him to visit Auburn while Charles Kelly at FSU has stepped up the heat and Coach McElwain is trying to get him to stick with his favorite throughout the process.  Florida State has a lot of momentum right now but I would not rule out the Gators.

#3 – CeCe Jefferson – DE – 6'2 275 – Florida Gators v. Ole Miss Rebels v. Alabama Crimson Tide

Do you notice a trend with Florida recruits?  Jefferson was another recruit likely headed to the Gators until the struggles this season and change at the coaching position.  Alabama and Ole Miss are very aggressively recruiting CeCe and as of late Ole Miss has gained some serious traction.  Jefferson went as far as to name the Rebels his leader.  As of now Ole Miss is the favorite but he will be one to watch once the Gators bring in their new defensive staff.

#4 – Terry Beckner, Jr. – DE – 6'4 290 – Missouri Tigers v. LSU Tigers v. Ohio State Buckeyes

One of the most talented and versatile defensive line prospects in the country.  Beckner is capable of playing both defensive end and defensive tackle and will likely line up in different places dependent upon the situation.  Missouri's recent track record producing elite defensive ends is helping the Tigers while the Buckeyes success on the field is a major factor.  Ohio State is working hard but Missouri gets the last visit before signing day and appears to be in good position.

#5 – Roquan Smith – LB – 6'2 210 – Georgia Bulldogs v. Florida Gators v. Ole Miss Rebels v. Auburn Tigers

The ideal middle linebacker in today's new spread version of college football.  Roquan is a freakish athlete with speed to burn and the power to come downhill and make the big hit.  It was a Georgia v. Florida battle for a majority of his recruitment but now the Rebels and Tigers are trying to make a play.  UGA has a lot of momentum behind the scenes but you can't rule out Ole Miss who has a knack for stealing players at the last minute.

#6 – Donte Jackson – CB – 5'11 175 – Georgia Bulldogs v. LSU Tigers

One of the most sought after cornerbacks in the Southeast, Donte has been locked in an intense recruiting battle between LSU and Georgia.  Georgia was the first to offer Donte and the Tigers are the hometown team.  It is always very tough to pull a prospect out of Louisiana but Pruitt is doing his best.  This one will come down to the last minute with both teams trying to land the potential shutdown corner.

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