SEC Top 20 Impact Freshmen - #15 - Will Grier - QB - Florida

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Before the season is over Will Grier could end up being one of the Top 5 most impactful freshmen in the SEC if he ends up winning the QB battle with Jeff Driskel.  Grier is an incredibly talented young QB.  In HS at Davidson Day he put up incredible numbers through is entire career, once even throwing for over 800 yards in a game.  He has all of the intangibles you look for in a QB coming out of HS and a lot of that has come from not only being a coaches son, but also from being the son of a former college quarterback.  He has a great feel for the game, plain and simple.  He is great in the pocket, is more athletic than many give him credit for and throws with incredible athleticism.  If there is one weakness in his skill set it is that he does not have a plus arm, it is moreso average to a little bit above average. But I highly doubt that will hinder him on the college level, as a matter of fact I look at him as potentially being a more athletic Danny Wuerffel. 

The only question will be how quickly can Grier learn the system.  He enrolled early and there is absolutely no doubt that he will work his ass off to put himself in a position to see the field early if Jeff Driskel struggles in fall practice or early in the season.  I personally believe that the Gators would finish with a better record if Grier started from day 1 than if Driskel started from day 1.  

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