Murphy Gives Gators a CHANCE in SEC East!

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Only about seven quarters into the Tyler Murphy era it is becoming apparent that he is a much better fit for this Florida Gator offense under Coach Pease.  While the passing statistics are not drastically improved over Driskel's in terms of yards per attempt and TD passes it is obvious when you sit down and watch the Kentucky game that he has a better command over this offense than Driskel ever did.

#1 – Decisiveness – Murphy has a great mental clock in his head that allows him to go through progression #1, #2 and #3 and if it is not there he takes off and uses his athletic ability to get out of the pocket and avoid negative plays.

#2 – Hot Reads – Murphy has been excellent thus far in recognizing where the blitz is coming from and making the correct route adjustment and getting the ball out of his hands quickly to the receiver in the area where the blitzer vacated.  He will be sacked much less than Driskel.

#3 – Running Game – When Pease was at Boise he always had a solid interior running game.  The threat of Murphy keeping the ball and turning the corner with his speed has made teams spread out a little more opening bigger running lanes up the middle for Matt.

#4 – Ball Security – Driskel made way too many throws that left fans and coaches alike saying – “What the hell were you looking at?”.  Murphy has far fewer of those moments although he did have one against Kentucky.  I believe if Murphy was starting at QB against Miami we would have won.

Simply put, we have a strong running game.  We have the best defense in the conference.  We need a quarterback who is going to manage the game and keep the offense in front of the chains.  After the Miami game I was not feeling too good about our chances to win the SEC East but watching Murphy play QB makes me feel like we have a much better chance.

How do you feel about his team now that we are led by Murphy at QB?

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