ImYourHuckleberry - 7 Position BATTLES This Spring!

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Only 7 days til Spring Practice so enjoy 7 Position Battles to watch this Spring!

#7 - Right Tackle - There are so many options for the Bulldogs at right tackle.  Starting spring it is going to be Kolton Houston's position to lose but he is going to face strong competition from the likes of Watts Dantzler and Greg Pyke and potentially John Theus.  I would agree that Kolton is the favorite right now but don't rule out Pyke who is a big time sleeper in my opinion, especially if UGA wants to line up with group of big maulers.

#6 - Left Tackle - John Theus has been named #1 at LT to start spring practice and odds are he is going to exit spring practice the same way.  But the question is how strong of a hold can he put on the position?  He could face a challenge from Xzavier Ward if he can keep his knees healthy, but the biggest challenge may come this fall when Dyshon Sims and Kendall Baker arrive on campus.

#5 - Backup ILB - Last year Amarlo Herrera and Ramik Wilson were on the field for nearly every play.  With Jeremy Pruitt now in Athens the Bulldogs will no doubt rotate a lot more bodies.  That means this spring there will be a ton of competition between Tim Kimbrough, Reggie Carter, Ryne Rankin and Johnny O'Neal to see who will get the reps at backup in the middle.

#4 - Cornerback - This position is absolutely wide open.  There truly is not a set starter/favorite for either starting cornerback position.  Damian Swann needs to battle back, Shaq Wiggins and Brendan Langley need to continue to improve, Reggie Wilkerson needs to show he is healthy and Sheldon Dawson needs to show maturity and dependability.  Simply put there is not a single player that you could name a favorite.  More competition will arrive in the fall when Fenteng, Parrish and Jones arrive.

#3 - Star - It looks like UGA will use several different players at the Star but it appears from reading the tea leaves that Shaq Wiggins may have the inside track.  He plays with such aggressiveness and no fear and that is what Pruitt wants from the star.  But don't rule out Damian Swann who excelled at the Star before moving outside last season and it is no secret he would like to shift back inside.  I also wouldn't rule out Trammel Terry getting a look there.

#2 - Free Safety - It is a wide open three man battle this spring.  Tray Matthews, Trammel Terry and Quincy Mauger all come in on equal footing and will have to battle each other.  Pruitt wants a guy playing center field who is dependable and has excellent ball skills.  It will be a heck of a battle between Matthews and Terry.

#1 - Strong Safety - JHC's dismissal has left the Bulldogs with a big question at free safety. Senior Corey Moore is the favorite but if Trammel Terry proves he is ready at FS you could see Tray Matthews move over to SS.  Also, don't rule out Quincy Mauger who proved he can play either SS or FS.

What position battle do you think is the most important?

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