How Florida can BEAT Georgia

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So you're telling me there's a chance. Yes, Florida can beat Georgia. The chances aren't great but bigger upsets have happened and there are several reasons the Gators can beat the UGA but a lot will have to come together to make that happen.

The first reason is Vernon Hargreaves. Hargreaves is the best cornerback in the SEC and he can cover any UGA receiver one-on-one and take the out of the game or Will Muschamp can continually line him up on one side of the field and roll coverage to the other side. While UGA has gotten healthier at wide receiver the Bulldogs are still far from a potent passing offense.

Second is the Gators run defense. Thus far this season the Gators are only allowing 3.08 YPC and have only allowed five rushing TD's all season long. If you take out the Alabama game those statistics would be even better. With the Bulldogs likely to get Gurley back and a healthy Nick Chubb for a one-two punch it will be a huge test for the front seven of the Gators but if Hargreaves can take away one side of the field the Gators can put extra men in the box.

The third reason is the Gators have truly nothing to lose. This is a game where Florida and Muschamp can let it all hang out and go for every gadget play and run every blitz because they have absolutely nothing to lose. Sometimes when a team stops thinking and goes out there and just plays ball they can be very dangerous. Much to that same effect the Gators talented defensive backs can jump routes and try to pick off a bunch of passes as Hutson Mason's arm does not allow the Dawgs to consistently throw the ball downfield.

Lastly and most importantly, maybe (just maybe) the Gators can finally protect the ball for once. Finally, Jeff Driskel will be watching from the sidelines and if Treon Harris can get a little confidence going maybe he is too naïve as a freshmen to realize what a big stage he is on and will play the game of his young life.

I am not saying it is likely the Gators will beat the Bulldogs but I am telling you there is a chance.

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I refuse to even think about this. Doh! Too late. We will see what our offense does against this defense. I doubt we get away from running the ball, even with extra men in the box. After the stats from last week for Florida, this may be the game McKenzie gets that special return.
It'll take a miracle but anything is possible. If these two teams played 20 times I think Florida would win 1.

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